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The fundamental philosophies of Western civilization are rooted in White supremacy.

You can’t bring up black, brown, red, or yellow children into that kind of educational environment and produce children who truly love and respect themselves and others.

It’s imperative to teach people about themselves, their history, their bodies and their nature so that they can become self masters. Mastery of self is the key to mastery of all disciplines, because in some way every discipline is present within ourselves.

Once we have a mastery of self-knowledge, it’s important to be taught the true history of the other people who make up our country and world.

This promotes mutual respect for the members of the human family, lending to a peaceful and productive society.


True and proper education starts with the knowledge of God. Taking God out of the classroom is a huge mistake.

Recognition of God is the proper beginning point for understanding every discipline. If we cannot honor God, the Supreme Teacher, then how can the children honor their teachers?

A while ago, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan coined the phrase, “He who gives the diameter of your knowledge prescribes the circumference of your activity.” If you gain a limited knowledge, then you restrict the possibilities of what you can and will achieve. The capacity of man’s brain is infinite. Therefore, the greater one’s knowledge grows, the greater becomes one’s sphere of activity until it encompasses and reflects mastery of self and mastery of the universe.


The knowledge of God is infinite. We would argue that leaving God out of our schools limits our education and confines the scope of what we are equipped to do and achieve.

We intend to keep God at the forefront!


Knowledge feeds the development of the human being so that the person can grow and evolve to become one with The Creator. It’s not one’s maleness or femaleness, being Black or being White, rather it is our growth and reflection of knowledge that distinguishes us from the lower forms of life.

Education is supposed to be the proper cultivation of the gifts and talents of the individual through the acquisition of knowledge. Knowledge satisfies our natural thirst for gaining that which will make us one with our Maker. So true education cultivates the person—mind, body and spirit—by bringing us closer to fulfilling our purpose for being, which is to reflect Allah (God).

The second purpose for education, after self-cultivation, is to teach us how to give proper service to self, family, community, nation and then to the world.



Among the residents of the community we have some great educators.

We are truly overjoyed and forever grateful to God to be able to establish an educational curriculum and a conducive space that will be dedicated solely to the proper development of our children, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

We have many others that may not be actually living among us but they are a part of our extended community that specialize in or focus on education.

They are offering their expertise, resources, knowledge and social networks to help us establish an on site learning center, augmented by distance learning via zoom, skype, etc..

*Pre-K and K-12 Education is at the very TOP of our list of priorities*

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