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Thank you for coming to our page.

We pray you are well and in good health!

Hereafter Farms has allowed us to bring our dreams into reality. The timing could not be better for us to unite to solve our own problems. We stepped out on faith and we bought land, COLLECTIVELY!

 Not only did we put our money together to buy land, but even more importantly, God has put the love and unity in our hearts necessary for us to live and work toward a new way of life, TOGETHER. No matter your religion, your color, or your class, in The Hereafter, we are all ONE under God.

We are building the largest sustainable Black community in the US.

There are crucial infrastructure expenses that need to be covered.

We are setting up a school on the property so our educators and our children can have an optimum environment to produce the type of people that will transform the world outside of our community!

There are people whose lives may literally be transformed by your help.

If you support this idea, whether you are moving here, helping in another way, or have no active role whatsoever, donating is a great way to show your support and help us reach very critical milestones. This community will ONLY be possible with the help of many.

Thank you and may God bless you.

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