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Forest Landscape


Step 1

Welcome to Hereafter Developments! Understanding our goals and vision is key.


The goal is to build sustainable interactive communities. The vision is rooted in God consciousness, innovative collaboration, affordability and accessibility.

Step 2

Step 2 is deciding which community to join.

Which community do you want to be a part of right now?

Pick between our available options.

Step 3

After you pick your community and you are ready to move forward, reserve and pay for your land below. We will follow up via email with a few questions to confirm it's a good fit, send over covenants & restrictions, and a purchase agreement for  Deed.



Step 4

First, congratulate yourself for being a part of a dream come true!

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Second, confirm the date of availability for access to the property, plan your trip, and email us any questions or concerns you have.




Issuing appropriate deeds.
Mineral rights conveyed.
Warranty deeds will be issued contingent on city/county subdivision approval status. 



 Collaborate and work with other members of the community to build, farm, teach, train and serve one another.
Join + Access Skills bank

Receive PDF in email,
read & review


The Communities

A portion of the money you pay for the land and maintenance goes to the infrastructure and construction of the community, the well being of its residents, and the innovation necessary to establish an entirely new paradigm in land ownership and community building.

This allows us to be


MODULAR + Container

We are actively searching for more while actively working with modular home companies and container home builders to offer options to land owners

We have some Amazing local black owned contractors for owners to have access for inquiries on home building.

You are free to use your own


Some of our properties have utilities on site. Some do not. Please inquire to find out more. 

To bring water and electricity to your 1 acre is possible but at your own cost.


We are encouraging shared spaces as an affordable solution to the housing costs in our community.

Please reach out for any questions, ideas or suggestions


We successfully came together with over 125 families to build a community in Central Ga.
The Land is sold out, is being subdivided and we're now moving forward with the development stages.

Thank you to everyone that is a part of this!!!
We completed Step 1, now the real work begins!

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